Thursday, August 6, 2009

Promising Nano Spam from Russia

Every once in a while, I receive an interesting e-mail that reeks with promise. I am overwhelmed with curiousity. Will someone please contact Gannady and report back to me!?

"Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I offer for purchase made by me 254 inventions in the sphere of nanotechnologies with the help of the single-purpose heuristic method aimed at inventions making in the sphere of nanotechnologies.

Already Socrates defined the heuristic method as a method creating new systems. Currently more than 200 heuristic methods are created for technical systems development. In this country “Invention Algorithm” developed by G.S. Altschuller is the most common. On the basis of this method in the USA a well-reputed program “Invention Machine” was developed and is distributed by the Invention Machine Corporation.

But all these developments fall into the wide area of general engineering and are of little use for nanotechnologies development.

There didn’t yet exist a single-purpose heuristic method. The author studied heuristic methods for more than 20 years and he has managed to develop a powerful heuristic method for inventions in the nanotechnology sphere making. With the help of this method more than 250 inventions in the sphere of nanotechnologies were made. The inventions appeared to be very powerful and they can result in a very great economic effect.

The author wasn’t able to patent the inventions himself and to test them experimentally. Your company can easily make this job.

Details: I shall try to describe my work in more detail. I was engaged in heurisms more than 20 years and I had a desire to create a heurism for area nanotechnology. It was possible to me. The heurism has turned out very powerful and effective. By means of these method I managed to create 254 inventions in the field of nanotechnology. The created inventions concern to various areas nanotechnology and in them various physical effects are used. The greatest attention has been given by me to nanotubes, a matter from nanotubes, updatings of these objects and to creation new nanomaterials from various nanopowders and their mixes by means of compacting. 3 demonstration, insignificant inventions created by algorithm I apply.

Best regards Gennady

Gennady Vladimirovich Mayorov.

E-mail: Phone in Moscow : + 7 (495) 310-06-84

120. The method of a work-piece abrasive treatment with the help of nanosized magnetic ferromagnetic particles placed in vortex magnetic field. 129. The method of nanomatter of electret nanopowder producing. Electret nanopowder compacting is made by nanopowder ultrasounds pressing followed by baking and cooling in electrostatic field. 222. The method of nanotubes matter surface behavior change. Nanotube matter surface behavior is changed by an electron bunch."

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Anonymous said...

I have used the Altschuler method. It is useful. There may be somthing interesting here, although the inventions are consptual, not reduced to practice, and there are probably lanuage issues.